Lilly Petal

Warforged polymorphed to be a human.


Human/Charismatic, Mystic
Mage 2/Assassin3
Action Dice: 3(Starting), d4(Die type)

Str 14
Dex 12
Con 14
Int 14
Wis 10
Cha 18

Acrobatic 5
Athletics 2
Blend 10
Bluff 11
Crafting 5
Disguise 11
Haggle 0
Impress 18
Intimidate 4
Investigate 4
Medicine 6
Notice 5
Prestidigitation 7
Resolve 7
Ride 1
Search 7
Sense Motive 5
Sneak 5
Survival 0
Tactics 6
Spell craft: 8

Focuses (Craft): Fletchery, Warforged.

Interests: Art, Bardic Pleasantries, Thrane, House Phiarlin, Xen’drik.
Languages: Common, Elven

Life Style +4
Panache: Money Saved / Earned:
Prudence: Appearance Bonus: Income:

Reputation: Legend +3

Non-Combat Abilities:
Charismatic: +2 Cha
Charming : Once per session, you may improve the Disposition of any 1 non-adversary NPC by 5.
Double Boost: You may spend and roll 2 action dice to boost Charisma-based skill checks.
Encouragement: Once per scene, you may speak to 1 of your teammates for 1 minute to grant them a +1 morale bonus with saving throws until the end of the current scene.
Attribute training: +1 Con
Inquisitive mind: Gain 2 additional Interests
Paired skills: (Investigate/Medicine)
Sharp mind: Gain 1 additional skill point per lvl.


Defense 4
Initiative 5
Vitality: 49

Base Attacks
Unarmed : 5
Melee :5
Ranged :4

Fort: 4
Will : 5

Combat Abilities:
Blunt Forte, Edged Forte

Feat: Glint of Madness: Inflict 1d10 stress damage when Threatening an opponent. Also, once per round when one of your attack renders an opponent unconscious or dead, you may immediately threaten another opponent as a free action.

Casting Lvl: 2 Spell Points: 4
Spells Known: 8 Spellcasting Bonus 10
Save DC 14

Spell List:
Lvl 0
Touch of light (The Gift, Arcane Might)
Feather Fall (Arcan Might)
Dancing lights (The Gift)
Polar Ray 1 (Arcane Might)
Read Magic
Exdeditious Retreat
Detect Secret Doors
Create Water

Lvl 1
Charm Person1
Cure Wounds
Colour Spray
Unseen Servant

Spellcasting/ Mage Class Abilities:

The Gift: You know and may cast a number of Lvl 0 spells equal to your Intelligence modifier (minimum 2) with a Casting Lvl of 1. You may automatically cast these spells a total number
of times per scene equal to your starting action dice(3).
Spells selected: Touch of Light, Dancing Lights
Core Ability: Arcane Adept: You learn 4 additional Level 0 spells from any School. Also, once per scene as a free action, you may spend and roll up to 3 action dice to gain a number of spell points equal to the result. These action dice cannot explode.
Spells selected: Feather Fall, Polar Ray 1,Read Magic,Detect Secret Doors
Subtle and Quick to Anger: At Level 1, you may purchase ranks in the Spellcasting skill, learn spells from any School, and cast Level 0 spells you know.

Arcane Might: +1 Cha You may choose up to 3 spells you know, gaining a +2 bonus with Spellcasting checks to cast them.
Spells selected: Polar Ray, Feather Fall, Touch of Light.

Assassin Class Abilities:
Hand of Death: Each time you fail a Blend or Resolve check and don’t suffer an error, you still succeed as long as the check DC (or your opponent’s check result) is equal to or less than your Class Level + 20. If several grades of success are possible, you achieve only the lowest possible positive result.
Cold Read: You easily pick up people’s social cues and details about their private lives. At Level 2, once per session as a free action, you may ask the GM a number of personal questions equal to your starting action dice about a character you can see and hear. Sample questions include “What does he do for a living?”and “What is her favorite author?” The target may conceal an answer by spending 1 action die per question ignored. You maytarget each character with this ability only once per session. At Levels 11 and 19, you may use this ability 1 additional
time per session.
Quick on Your Feet: You often have to think fast in your line of work. At Level 3, you make trained Disguise checks even when you lack a kit. Also, once per session, you may make a Mask or Ambush check as a free action.


Hair Colour: Blond
Eye colour: Golden/tan
Markings: Blue tattoos marking face, ears, neck and shoulders. Pale scares on lift hip and bottom of left foot.
Profession: Performer(Dancer/Singer/Musician.) Former – magic based – field medic.
Musical instrument: Kilimba, flute, lute.
Origins: Flamekeep, Thrane.
Past Residence: Stormreach, Xen’drik.
Affiliations: House Phiarlan performers guild, Coin Lords.
Religion: n/a

Lilly Petal

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