A Tale Without Age

The world of Eberron is a grand and vibrant place. It is peopled by a variegated panoply of races and creatures, each of whom brings a unique aspect to the grand tapestry of life that covers lands of the Dragon Between. While all the races have their own myths, legends, and folktales, astute scholars have found that there are universal archetypes or themes that thread throughout, transcending cultural and geographic barriers. One of the most compelling of these elder myths is that of a multifaceted object which bestows near godlike power upon its wielder.

Ancient scrolls in sacred Aerenal palace-tombs record the epic deeds performed with the Links of Salvation. Dhakaani ballads passed down through ironclad oral tradition sing of the Staff of Righteous Subjugation which could only be assembled through the toil and sacrifice of a squad of great heroes. Even carvings found in the primeval Giant ruins in the wastes of Xen’drik and the riddles uttered by the more loquacious dragons hint at the existence of unique and powerful artifacts that grow in power exponentially when joined together. All of these hint at a shared a commonalty that extends beyond shared cultural identity and traces back through the depths of time. Even the people of Khorvaire have an archetype that matches this antediluvian relic. Though the exact nature of the tale, its themes, and its characters change based on geography, local custom, prevailing historic events, and the stylistic additions of the storyteller, the name of its principle object remains the same. To the folk of modern Khorvaire, it is known as the Rod of Seven Parts.

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The Rod of Seven Parts

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