Lady Derienne d'Cannith's Staff

An beautiful ironwood staff with a section missing from the bottom


This ornate ironwood staff is adorned with masterful engravings depicting creation runes and symbols. It measures four feet current condition, but would most likely have measured five feet with the missing piece attached. The cap of the staff is adorned with an adamantine bust of a gorgon.

It was found in Dereinne d’Canneth’s office in Whitehearth Forge.

Kat carried it with him through the forge and quickly discovered it effectiveness against Warforged. It appeared to disable the Warforged when they were struck by it, but the results were never completely predictable.

Upon the party’s return to Ruhkan Drall, Kat had the staff sent back to Jayce ir’Blaine for study and safe keeping.

Lady Derienne d'Cannith's Staff

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