Rico ir’ Ralivarious

A spoiled aristocrat trained in the arts of magic and swordplay


Human Mage
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Pretty much this guy:


A young adult human male, with an average build, attractive, pale Caucasian complexion, black hair worn in a crew cut, aloof blue eyes, and is of noble barring. He is dressed in wizards attire, and appears to be unarmed.

  • Celebrated socialite and notorious rabble rouser.
  • Chased by a childhood friend of noble blood seeking marriage (she attends University of Arcanix ).
  • Recently graduated from the University of Arcanix .
  • Recently developed the Dragon Mark of finding (attempting to keep this secret).
  • On holiday break he impregnated one of his father’s young maids.
  • Pulled out of the Master of Arcane in Seer Magics program.
  • Cut off from the family funds and was arranged employment.

Rico’s father is Lord Thorne Ir’Ravalious, whom at one time was a noble knight of some standing.

His mother, Lady Lilia, comes from a fine, upstanding noble family and a matchmaker of some renown.

His older, first born, brother Ortho is in line to take the his fathers title and is pursuing the traditional knightly role, quite well.

Initially Rico was a squire to Sir Silverleaf, a jousting champion of some renown. Rico learned the ways of swordplay, bowmanship, survival, and tactics. Rico would often sense magic around him and items of magic behaved differently in his presence. At court users of magic would often show an interest in the boy. This upset Lord Ir’Ravalious who did his best to keep such mages away . . . grown men seeking young boys to live with did not sit well whit him.

In the summer of Rico’s 15th-year Lord Ir’Ravalious surmised that Rico would become a mediocre knight at best. After attending a knightly conclave Lord Ir’Ravalious came to the conclusion, with much deliberation with the other elders of the knightly order, that Rico had a greater potential as a mage. While the option to field a mage in combat is often desirable, Lord Ir’Ravalious would not see it, and his fellow elder knights won a reluctant agreement to see to it that Rico was trained as a mage.

Not trusting the aforementioned old men, in secluded towers, with his son he arranged tutoring from several of the professors at The University of Arcanix (spelling). Rico preformed well and on his eighteenth birthday formally enrolled in The University of Arcanix. Rico is quite charismatic, and the university staff either knew him or knew of him. In three years of tutoring Rico surpassed most apprentices whom have studied for six, or more, years. Magic came easy to him. Left with much free time and wealth this resulted in throwing himself into decadence.

All the same Rico’s father would have preferred him to follow in his footsteps and join the knightly order.

Rico ir’ Ralivarious

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