Rickard ir' Cox

A handsome and charasmatic scholar, author, and humanitarian.


Rickard is the first son of the main line of the Cox family, a noble and wealthy house renowned for their patriotism and business savvy. He is a tall, handsome, athletic human with lustrous blonde hair and perfect teeth. His latest publication, Stormreach: City on A Blade’s Edge, is a best seller in three countries and the talk of many academic circles.

He has taken his academic and publishing success to begin advancing his humanitarian endeavors. He is currently the spokesman for the disenfranchised refugee ex-Cyran population living outside of Sharn. He’s mission is to provide social and economic development for the community to ensure that they are fully integrated into the Brelish society, while maintaining their cultural identity.

He is also engage to be married to Sona Maton.

Rickard ir' Cox

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