Kataris “Kat” ir’Ranek

A brash adventurer-scholar with a quick mind and a sharp sword.


Kataris ir’Ranek

Mental d8 Physical d8 Social d8
Problem Solver d8 Done Some Things d8 Fall From Grace d8
Skills & Specialties
Focus ++ d8 Influence ++ d8 Notice+ d6 Fix+ d6 Operate+ d6 Fight+ d6 Survive+ d6 Plus 9 |_\3=.Signature Assets| Silver Scorpion Pendant d6 plus 4
Adventurer Archaeologist Son of Brelish Nobility
Part-Time Professor Out of Touch
Scholar D10 Face D4 Muscle D8
Sneak D6 Crafter D4
Strength D8 Dexterity D8 Constitution D8
Intelligence D10 Wisdom D8 Charisma D6
Field Work D8 Two-Fisted Fighting D8 Daring Athletics D6
Signature Assets
Silver Scorpion Pendant
Drow Whip
Sublot It’s Complicated D6
I’m Making This Up As I Go
Combat Pragmatist
Child’s Play When making a roll that includes Daring Athletics

Kataris ir’ Ranek
Adaptable Adventurer Explorer 5(Medium Folk):
Str 12, Dex 14, Con 12, Int 14, Wis 12, Cha 14;
Sz M (1×1, Reach 1); Speed 30 ft. ground;
Init. +4; Def 14;
Vitality 50; Wounds 12;
Saves: Fort. 6, Ref. 6, Will 6

Skills: Acrobatics 8, Athletics 6, Haggle 4, Impress 4, Investigate 6, Notice 5, Prestidigitation 5, Resolve 5, Ride 8, Sense Motive 4, Sneak 5, Survival 4,

Qualities and Feats: Friends all over, Tomb Raider, Bookworm I, Adventurer’s Luck, Whip Basics, Veteran Adventurer, Staff Basics, Iron Will

Attacks: BAB 3; Sword Cane(Blade) (1d8+2 lethal; threat 20, Qualities: AP 2, Finesse); Sword Cane(Cane) (1d6+1 lethal; threat 20; Qualities: Double, Trip); Drow Whip (1d6+1 lethal; threat 20; Qualities: Reach +2, Trip)

Starting Action Dice: 4(d4)‘s
Proficiencies: Unarmed, Edged, Hurled, Blunt(Forte), Bow
Tricks: Mix-Up (Pummel)
Focuses: Riding Mounts, Air Vehicles, Flying Mounts
Interests: Brelish(Language), Breland Culture, Xen’drick Lore, Age of Giants, Elven(Language), Rod of Seven Parts
Knowledge: +7

Legend: +3
Reputation: 12
Renown: 1 (Heroic: 1, Military: 0, Noble: 0)

Lifestyle: 5
Money Saved: 25%
Income 30s
Appearance Bonus: +1

Sword Cane
Drow Whip
Throwing Daggers(10)

Adventuring Gear
Travel Pack
Hooded Lantern
100ft Rope
Grappling Hook
Small Mallet
Bag of Marbles
Several Pieces of Chalk
Several Pieces of Charcoal
Small Mirror
Small Ball of Twine
Assortment of Small Vials/Containers
Grooming Case
Set of Fine Clothing
2 Sets of Traveling Clothes
Identification Papers and Travel Documents
Climbing Kit
Thieves Tools
Scribe Kit

*Silver Scorpion Pendant


Kat is a noble son of a Brelish diplomat who traveled the continent during the Last War. Seeing dozens of cultures and races, he became enamored with archaeology and anthropology. This love of knowledge drove him to matriculate at Morgrave University for his undergraduate and Master’s degrees and at Korranberg University for his Doctorate (where he studied under Professor Ener Lumfoodle). His latest, and most renowned, field work was conducted in [[Xen’drick]] and focused on the elusive and misunderstood native Drow cultures. He was able to make contact and live with an indigenous Drow tribe after his party was attacked and mostly devoured by them. After the conclusion of his tenure at/escape from the Drow settlement he composed what is seen as the definitive treatise on them: Menechtarun Dawns: A Study of the Culture and Daily Life of the Drow of Xen’drick.

Kataris “Kat” ir’Ranek

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